Sep 1, 2014

Freedom Forum for Protection of Human Rights

One of the major themes and working areas of Freedom Forum is protection and promotion of human rights. Freedom Forum believes that guarantee of fundamental rights will lead to the flourishing of democracy and improving the livelihoods of people. Nepal is currently passing through a serious transitional period with sharp violation of people's basic human rights from different sections of society. Freedom Forum always stands straight for Human Rights and acts accordingly as a defender of the rights.

Freedom Forum for Media Freedom

Being a promising civil society organization working with the objective to promote freedom of expression and its corollary-press freedom-in Nepal, Freedom Forum has the firm conviction that democracy can not thrive and serve citizen's interests unless people's right to freedom of expression and of press is guaranteed. Freedom Forum works for the protection and promotion of freedom of expression and press freedom.

Freedom Forum for Right to Information

Freedom Forum, which has done a great deal whether that be in putting pressure for the adoption of RTI act or in promoting RTI culture or creating public awareness, is a pioneer organization in Right to Information (RTI) in Nepal. Right to Information is the backbone of democracy. If people do not have right to know and are not empowered to question their government for accountability, democracy will not have real meaning in true sense. Freedom Forum is continuoulsy putting its effort for the promotion of RTI culture in Nepal.

Freedom Forum on Democracy

Democracy is one of the prominent themes of Freedom Forum. Freedom Forum has strong belief that democracy can be flourished only when there is people's participation in every decision making process on the one hand and on the other the leadership of public agency should be transparent and accountable to the people. Taking these issues into consideration, Freedom Forum is working for  protection, promotion and institutionalization of democracy since its establishment in 2005. 


Latest News

Concern Over Barring Journalists From Reporting

During August 2-3 Nepal visit of the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, many media, especially private ones were not allowed to enter the programs for reporting, photographing and visualizing.


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Bill on Contempt of Court Presented in Parliament amid Concerns

Amidst concerns especially from the legal and media community, and civil society, Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Narhari Acharya, tabled a bill on contempt of court at the Legislature Parliament i...

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FF Laudes Appellate Court verdict for stringent action against journo kille

On July 8, 2014, the Appellate Court Ilam issued a verdict that all three murderers of journalist Yadav Poudel of Jhapa, a district in the east of Nepal, be imprisoned throughout life.

The murderers of journalist Poudel are Yuvraj ...

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Journalists taken under control during peaceful protest

Police took under control as many as 33 journalists from various media while they were staging a peaceful sit-in at Finance Ministry in Singha Durbar, the central administrative place, of Nepal on July 1.


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Press Release

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Announcement of Budget Policies and Priorities Positive

Government has announced budet policies and priorities for F/Y 2071/72. Freedom Forum takes this as a positive initiation of Nepal government for enhancing budget transparency. The pre-budget statemement is however not comprehensive and timely. Click...

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Solidarity to Right Activist Pahadi's Peaceful Protest

Freedom Forum expresses its solidarity to the peaceful protest that noted human rights activist Krishna Pahadi is waging to put the pressure on the government to endorse the Rome Statute.   We also demand the Nepal government to present a prop...

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Concern over Press Council Nepal's Press Release

Freedom Forum's attention has been drawn seriously towards a press release issued by the Press Council Nepal Secretariat dated March 6, 2014. In the press release, the Council Secretariat without bearing any signature has one-sidedly stated that C...

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Concern over Denial of Information, Misbehavior with RTI Activist

Freedom Forum has been concerned over the misbehavior meted out against a local right to information (RTI) activist by a school principal while seeking information in Dhanusha, a district in the southern plain of Nepal, on 21 January 2014. Princip...

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Concern over Press Council Nepal's Step to Tamper Freedom of Expression, Pu

Freedom Forum has been concerned over the decision of Press Council Nepal which has directed a television to stop broadcasting news about a hospital. The official decision of the Press Council Nepal, the state-owned media monitoring body, on Janua...

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Politicization in Journalists' Umbrella Organization A bad omen for media f

The umbrella organization of the journalists from across the country, Federation of Nepalis Journalists (FNJ), has been learnt to have disseminating memberships based on political faith which is evident to set up wrong precedent in the media free...

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Concern over Breach of Freedom of Expression in the Run-Up to CA Election I

Entire nation is now engrossed in the second election to the Constituent Assembly being held on November 19, 2013. The government, political parties, Election Commission and security bodies have almost finalized the preparations for holding the CA e...

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Concern Over Maoist Parties' Obstruction on Election Programs

Against the violation of people's right to peaceful gathering and freedom of speech/expression, the Nepali Congress party's election program was obstructed at Phidim, district headquarters of Panchthar, a hilly district in the east of Nepal on Octobe...

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Concern over journalist's expulsion from open hearing

Freedom Forum has been concerned over an incident that a journalist was expelled from open hearing in the Supreme Court on April 29, 2013. Legal reporter with the Kantipur daily, Ghanashyam Khadka, was expelled during the open hearing presided ove...

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Government Suppresses Peaceful Campaign

Freedom Forum has been concerned over the arrest of human rights campaigners from Baluwatar area, the place of Prime Minister's residence in Nepal, on April 9, 2013. Police arrested 12 activists who have been campaigning under the 'Occupy Baluwata...

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FF condemns political pressure to free attackers on rights defender

Freedom Forum has been concerned over the political pressure mounted on the police administration and office of the district attorney to free the persons detained for attacking rights defender and FF executive member Kedar Dahal. An unknown gang h...

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Attack on Rights Defender Condemnable

Freedom Forum has been concerned over an attack on rights defender Yadav Bastola in Surkhet, a hilly district in the Midwestern region of Nepal on February 28, 2013. Mr Bastola was attacked by four unidentified persons with rods over the opinions...

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Concern over Injustice Meted Out on Inspector Binod Sharma

Freedom Forum has been concerned over the injustice meted out on Inspector of Police Binod Sharma who had played a very important role to arrest the alleged killers of journalist Dekendra Thapa while he was in Dailekh district. Instead of honourin...

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Appointment of Maoist Party Advisor as Press Council Chairperson a Bid to C

Yet again, the government led by the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) has appointed its central advisor Borna Bahadur Karki as Chairperson of the Press Council Nepal thereby politicizing the media-monitoring body of the country. It has co...

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Anti Corruption Activist Sarada Bhusal Arrested

 Please, click here to see the press release

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Nepal drops down global budget transparency index

Nepal drops down global budget transparency index, as government makes it harder for citizens to understand and influence budget decisions affecting their lives Major independent global report details how Nepal's budget transparency ranking has ...

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Freedom Forum Concerned over Growing Threats to Dailekh-based Journalists

Freedom Forum has been gravely concerned over the growing insecurity to the journalists in recent days in Dailekh, a district in the far western region of Nepal. The journalists who have been receiving threats by the ruling Maoist party following ...

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Govt gags media freedom, freedom of expression

Yet again, the government has made an ill-attempt to gag freedom of expression by seeking clarification with the Radio Nepal, a state-run media, for presenting the views of a leader of the opposition party in a talk program on December 31, 2012. ...

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Government's Authoritarian Move on Media

The government led by the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), despite concerns over its step to control state-run media, demoted Acting General Manager of Nepal Television (NTV), Deepak Mani Dhital, on June 18 for broadcasting live the mass ...

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Government Gags Press Freedom Again

To the gross violation of press freedom, the government led by the Unified Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (UCPN-M) has grilled the state-run Nepal Television (NTV) management about the live broadcast of a programme of opposition parties. Prime Mi...

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Nepal Government Promoting Impunity

Freedom Forum has been seriously concerned over a recent decision of the government effort to withdraw the murder case of the UCPN-Maoist's lawmaker, Bal Krishna Dhungel. Yet again, the government led by Maoist Vice-Chairman Dr Baburam Bhattarai a...

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New Provision Limits Press Freedom

Freedom Forum has been concerned over the Prime Minister's address in the Legislature-Parliament on September 16, 2011. While addressing the parliament, Prime Minister Dr Babu Ram Bhattarai said, 'Anyone setting up new media house now onwards need...

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Media House Vandalism-Violation of Press Freedom

Freedom Forum has been seriously concerned over an incident of press freedom violation occurred in capital city, Kathmandu, on September 4, 2011. A group of unidentified persons came on five motorcycles entered the office of the Naya Patrika nationa...

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Freedom Forum Welcomes Decision of SC

Freedom Forum Welcomes today's landmark decision of the Supreme Court of Nepal in favour of Right to Information Regime. The apex Court's latest decision that the answer sheet of examination should be allowed for students to look at on demand has est...

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Appointment of New Minister Menaces Freedom of Expression in Nepal

Freedom Forum Nepal is deeply concerned over the recent appointment of Maoist leader Agni Sapkota as Minister for Information and Communication in Nepal. Appointing a person allegedly committed serious human rights violation to the Ministry to pro...

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1st National Convention on RTI Concluded Adopting Kathmandu Declaration

2-day 1st national convention on Right to Information concluded adopting Kathmandu declaration on 29 March 2011. Chairperson of constituent assembly honourable, Subash Chandra Nembang was the chief guest of closing ceremony of the convention. The declaration has suggested clear cut recommendations to different sectors including government, political parties, constituent assembly, CSOs and Media about the way forward to ensure enabling environment for effective practices of RTI in Nepal. Convention had been inagurated by honourable President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav on 28 March. Full version of Kathmandu declaration is attached.

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CA chair stresses on unity among the parties

Chairman of the Constituent Assembly Subas Nembang has underlined the need for all the parties to move forward for the completion of the peace process and constitution writing. Speaking at the concluding session of the two-day First Convention on Right to Information organised by Freedom Forum, Nepal here today, Nembang pointed out the need for shortening the transition in the country.

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